Monday, September 27, 2010

Bring a Nickel; Tap Your Feet

Today when I was getting dressed, I started at my feet and worked up. For some reason I really wanted to wear these shoes today, so they're what I started with. When I looked at Kimberly's Outfit Inspiration Calender, I was in luck; it called for a mix of leopard and army green. Well, I had the leopard part down I just needed to find some army green. First, I tried my go-to green cargos, then an old green skirt. Neither felt right. So I pulled out this (equally old) green sweater and everything else fell into place. Nothing jaw-dropping, nothing that would grace the cover of a fashion magazine, but comfortable and chic just the same. It's a good thing that worked out. It was a little chilly today to be wearing only shoes.

Cardigan: Mossimo, Target; blouse: Loft; jeans: Express; belt: Loft; shoes: Merona, Target

Song: Down on the Corner by Creedence Clearwater Revival


  1. Hi Shea, we are like this I tell you. This weekend, I have been obsessing about a pair of leopard print franco sarto heels on amazon. Wouldn't you know, you are wearing leopard today. Waiting for the heat to leave and I would like to reproduce this outfit....
    To the French question, none of the public elem schools teach French BUT many of the private schools do, especially towards the Los Angeles area and Newport Beach area. If not, Jr. High (my favorite age) does.
    Last, do you think you could recreate the adult milkshake. Hmmmmm?
    P.S. I thought of you, again, when I posted my soup recipe. One in the same I tell you.

  2. That calendar is so cute! What a great idea. Love the shoes - they totally make the outfit.

    I'm with style underdog about the milkshake. :)

  3. LOVE the calendar....super cute!!!
    You look gorgeous as always hunnie!!

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  4. Ooh I could steal this whole outfit, love it!

  5. That is the epitome of a comfy chic look. Looooooove the shoes!

  6. Love the cardigan! It looks so warm and I'm definitely looking for something like that for autumn. You look gorgeous lady :]


  7. Super, super cute! I love this outfit!!!

  8. i love the green/leopard print combination - perfect!

  9. Oooh, green and leopard truly is a perfect mix! Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. i need to run to target and buy those shoes...but theres not target where i live ;(

  11. That top is lovely. I love all things ruffled.


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