Well I Thought About the Army

When I bought these army-green pants last Spring, I had no idea how much I'd wear them. I just needed a casual pair of pants that would be nice enough to wear to work. They do serve their purpose, but I've had the most fun dressing these pants up. I love the casual fit and style paired with heels and feminine blouses, and I'm surprised to find that the color seems to pair nicely with just about anything. I love a good bargain, but what I love even more is when I really get my money's worth (whether it's $5 or $50) out of an item. 

Shopping on a budget can be difficult, but I find that it makes me more aware of what I own, and therefore more careful about what I buy. Usually, I make a list of what I want each month, and then, based on my budget, narrow that list down (sometimes way down). I don't always stick to my list, but I like having some sort of guideline, otherwise I'll make too many impulse buys that either I don't need or don't fit in to my wardrobe. 

Do you have a shopping strategy? How do you update your closet without breaking your budget? 

Tank: Mossimo, Target; pants: Gap; earrings: Charlotte Russe; necklace: H&M; belt: Gap; shoes: Attention, K-Mart

Song: Army by Ben Folds Five

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  1. great pants! i can see why you wear them so much!

  2. Cute outfit! My strategy is to almost always only shop sales, except at stores that are fairly cheap already. I'll never pay full price at Loft or Banana Republic, etc.

  3. I do the same thing with the list! I take my shopping very seriously. :)

  4. I really like the complete outfit. The black in the tank emphasized by the shoes, terrific. The pants are great, too.
    As for a shopping plan, like you, I had a list. I am fanatic about going through my closet every 3 months. It gives me a good idea of what I have and what I needed. Of course, now that I'm not shopping for a year, I will live through all of you. Shop on!

  5. You look great!!! Those shoes are really gorgeous too....compliments the entire outfit perfectly....as far as shopping....I dont really make a list, Im usually browsing at the Mall every weekend for one thing or another and if I see something that catches my eye...I grab it up:)

  6. The pants are super cute and totally perfect right now! As for how I shop, well I don't at the moment - LOL! Until our house sells, I finish with school (hello career change) and then find a job, I'm on a super strict budget every month. It stinks, but it does force you to get creative.


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