We'll Be Makin' Waves in a No Wake Zone

Well, kids, I'm exhausted. It's always a sign of a weekend well-spent when I start my Sunday post with "I'm exhausted." As you can see, I got my much-anticipated haircut, courtesy of Jen at Last Tangle Salon. I absolutely LOVE it! It's one of the lowest-maintenance cuts I think I've ever had, and that's important for a daughter who did not inherit her mother's hair styling skills.

So the haircut was a good start to a wonderful, memorable weekend. Aaron and I went to a friend's house at a nearby lake, where we spent the weekend swimming, sunning, skiing, and hanging out with friends. And speaking of friends, my best friend Abby also got engaged this weekend! I am so excited for her, and I can't wait to be a maid of honor! Anyway, I hope you had a fantastic weekend; I must spend the rest of mine trying to stay awake until a reasonable hour.

Top: Gap; Camisole: Isaac Mizrahi for Target; shorts: Loft; scarf (as headband): thrifted; sandals: Gap

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  1. Hi..I just started following your blog:) Your haircut is super cute!! Love the outfit and the headband is an awesome touch!

  2. Love the scarf! Totally sets off your 'do!

  3. Love scarves as headbands ;)

  4. Love the haircut! So flattering! :)


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