Twistin the Night Away

Well, instead of "twistin" it's "clickin" for me. Now that school's back in session, I'm going to start substitute teaching again. Where I live, there are many, many more subs than there are jobs to fill, so getting a job for the next day can be a challenge. Because the easiest way to get jobs is using the online system, it's basically a matter of who can be the most diligent clicker. Since I spend quite a bit of time at the computer anyway, I'm pretty friggin diligent. In fact, I'm clicking away as I write this (well, not at the very moment, but between thoughts). So cross your fingers for me that the clicking pays off. I know the details of my life as a sub are pretty enthralling. Maybe if you stay tuned, tomorrow I'll talk about something equally exciting, like my laundry schedule.  

Blouse: Liberty of London for Target; pants: Loft; earrings: Target; belt: Loft; shoes: Steve Madden, Marshall's 


  1. LOL. Can't wait to hear about the laundry!

    Oh and I love love this outfit. Great colour for you!

    ps. here schools request subs that they you get called back over and over again if you do a good job...seems like a better way to me! Too bad it isn't like that there! I'm sure you are excellent and would be called again and again!

    though clicking is fun too. ;-)

  2. GRRRRREAT blose! I love Liberty prints! I collect vintage Liberty scarves (they are so GORGEOUS!!!) at flea markets. Have a wonderful summer!
    xoxoThe Beckerman Girls

  3. Hooray for Liberty of London! And good luck with the job stuff!

  4. I love your blouse too...great print:)
    Sending you good substitute teaching vibes....:)

  5. I wish I could get rolled up khakis to look this cool!

    Keep on clickin'!!

  6. Cute blouse!
    Good luck with finding a sub job. I remember those days of searching for openings. Can be kinda stressful. Hope it's going well for you!

  7. What a lovely blog you have! cute outift and yay you're a teacher! ;) hugs doll

  8. Wish we had that sub problem here...oh my gosh, I sometimes have to call 10-15 people before I can find a sub!


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