Summer Breeze Makes You Feel Fine

Except when it blows your dress (which is already a tad short) up and you wind up unintentionally flashing people. Whoops! 

So this is my first attempt at using the Picasa collage-maker, thanks to inspiration from Kimberellie. (Isn't this gorgeous? I had to give it a try.) I wanted to show a close-up of my jewelry, because I recently won a giveaway from Keira of A Pretty Penny and she sent me this gorgeous ring along with the bracelet I won. Thanks, Keira, I love my new ring! My dress was a giveaway win too, remember? It's from Dirty Betty Vintage courtesy of Jolie from Senorita Fashionista! I'm a lucky gal! One of these days I'll have to do a giveaway of my very own. But first I suppose I need to find something cool to give away. Hmmm, I'll think on that. 

Dress: courtesy of Dirty Betty Vintage; earrings: Charlotte Russe; belt: Loft; rose ring: courtesy of A Pretty Penny; shoes: BC Footwear

Song: Summer Breeze by Seals & Croft
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  1. That is such a great look on you! Im telling you, you are one lucky gal!
    btw... your hair is awesome!

  2. Love how you look.....really are very lucky indeed:) The collage is awesome...I have Picasa..maybe Ill look into it:)

  3. Oh cute dress! And glad to inspire you to collage! It does make some blogging ideas easier!

  4. Nice! Great wins for sure,the dress is fabulous! Have a great weekend!


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