Ready or Not, Here I Come

That's right, folks, it's day 29 for this gal. And am I bringing the crazy? No, just jean shorts and a top today. We'll see if I can bust out something special tomorrow. So today is supposed to be the hottest day of the year here in KC. I just talked to my mom who is on a fishing trip in Colorado, and she said they had to wear gloves today. Gloves! In August! I couldn't decide whether to be horrified or jealous. There won't be any glove-wearing around here any time soon, that's for sure! 

Blouse: Loft; tank: Old Navy; shorts: Loft; belt: Loft (wow, that was unintentional--I'm not even working today!); shoes: Gap


  1. mmmkay. I love your shorts. Long live the denim short!!! And you kept it so chic with the top. Perfect!


  2. i adore the top - this look is so perfect for summer! :)


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