Lunch Time: Taco Pasta Salad

While I enjoy turkey sandwiches and a good ol' PB (I skip the J), after a few days my palette gets bored. That's why I love finding salad recipes that I can make a big batch of, then eat for lunch all week. This pasta salad was one such recipe. Despite its less-than-photogenic appearance, rest assured that the flavor is spectacular.

The recipe is from Cooking Light magazine via, and it's called "Tex Mex Pasta Salad". It has several ingredients, but as soon as everything is prepped, all you do is mix. First you cook up some pasta (I used rotini, but any short cut would work), and while the pasta is cooking brown up some ground turkey and garlic. Once the turkey is browned, add a little water and taco seasoning. Let the liquid cook out, and take off the heat to cool. When the pasta is finished, run it under cold water to stop the cooking process. In a bowl, combined the pasta, the turkey, black beans, shredded Mexican cheese (a blend of cheeses), chopped green onions, sliced olives, tomatoes, and cilantro. To make the dressing, combine lime juice, cumin, and sour cream. Toss salad with dressing so it's evenly coated. (For more detailed instructions, go to the MyRecipes website of course!) I imagine this would also be good with some avocado in there, and I'm kind of wishing I would have tried that! Also, you can substitute ground beef for the turkey, or leave out the meat entirely. 

I will be enjoying this flavorful pasta salad all week! What are your favorite things to eat for lunch?

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  1. Im making this for dinner tomorrow! Thanks girl!

  2. That looks so good!!! I'm so making this!!


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