Everybody Wants to Pass as Cats

I have two confessions to make. One, I feel somewhat unoriginal wearing this skirt, since it is the exact same skirt Kendi is sporting in her 30 for 30.  But, it was on major sale, and it's just so damn ferocious I just couldn't pass it up. Two, I changed before I went out last night. I kept the skirt and the accessories, I just wore a different black shirt and different shoes. The shoes need some insole action before I try to walk more than a few laps around my house. (I really was doing laps to try to test the waters.) But the essence of the look was still the same, so I think I can go ahead and post this picture. 

Sorry my posts have been somewhat sporadic lately. I know so many bloggers who schedule their posts, and I always tell myself I need to get on that bandwagon. But I think maybe I need to schedule a time for me to figure out how to schedule posts. And that's just too much scheduling, even for type-A me. Are you a post-scheduler, or do you just publish whenever you're done writing/uploading? I'd really love to know your thoughts on this. Merci beaucoup!

Tank: Mossimo, Target; skirt: Loft; earrings: Loft; necklace: H&M (?); belt: Target; shoes: Michael, thrifted from Clothes Mentor


  1. That skirt is severely awesome, so I am glad you got it! Also, the pop of color with the belt is the perfect addition!

    As for scheduling posts - I usually type up a couple "extra" posts (reader questions, splurge vs. steal, etc.) on Sundays. I schedule those to post throughout the work week. My daily outfits I do as I go.

  2. Ditto the above on a mixed of scheduled and on-the-go posts.

    I do love that skirt. Very cute.

  3. That skirt is torturing me...I want it and can't find it!

  4. Love that skirt!!!! You look super fab! I used to be a post as I go girl, but scheduling posts has worked out so much better for time management (especially with a 2 year old running me around - LOL!)


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