Don't You Step On My Blue Suede Shoes

No, really don't. Because I've already done enough damage to this dress. I made the mistake of wearing it to Chipotle today, where I wasted no time in spilling the contents of my (delicious Carnitas) burrito down the front. Not cute. I'm not sure how to get burrito stains out of silk, but I'm bound and determined to figure it out. However, if I don't, I'm only out five bucks. Yes, that's right, this dress was only $5. A lady returned it yesterday, and it was marked down and in my size. I figure that was God's way of telling me I needed this dress. And of course, I listened. He's probably not too happy that my clumsy-ass spilled Chipotle on it, but hey I can't have all the luck can I? 

I was inspired once again by the fun that the girls over at Academichic are having with color. I tried an analogous color combination today, with blue and turquoise. It's one of my favorite color combinations already, and I like this interpretation of it too. So, I was sad when I had to change before work due to my inability to properly eat a burrito. Any tips on treating silk?

Dress: Loft ($5!!); jacket: Gap (for indoor use only); earrings: Old Navy; belt: Target; shoes: Merona, Target (another bargain buy at $14)


  1. Cute outfit! I love it with the jacket.

    To treat silk - dry clean! Bring it to them, point at the spot, and they will magically make it disappear. I have brought numerous things that I thought were ruined to my friendly neighborhood dry cleaner - only to find them immaculate and good as new upon return!

    Good luck!


    PS. I love Chipotle!

  2. on the spill! This dress is so pretty, and I love how you cinched it with the belt. Hope it comes out easily (sorry, no tips, I'm not so good with clothes myself).

  3. Love all the tiers! What a steal too :)
    Thanks for your comment, I hope I can be a good source of information in the months to come!

  4. You sound like me, it never fails! I always get dirty at a restaurant. Love that dress, hope you figure out how to get the stain out!


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