Dinner Last Night: Citrus Spice Salmon

So I've pretty much given up on posting my dinner on the night I actually make it. You would think it wouldn't be too hard to remember, but I'm lucky if I actually think to take the pictures. So this dinner was a combined effort: me doing the marinating and the orzo cooking (read: the easiest part of the meal) and Aaron doing the grilling. 

For the salmon, I got the recipe (off of cookstr.com) from Kathleen Sloan-McIntosh's book 100 Best Grilling Recipes. Her Salmon with Brazilian Spices calls for marinating the salmon for 30 minutes (no longer) in a combination of garlic, lemon juice, orange juice, orange zest, brown sugar, cayenne pepper, bay leaves, salt, and pepper. As I mentioned, this is the easiest part: throw ingredients in plastic bag, throw salmon in bag, wait 30 minutes.  Then, I sweet talked my husband into using his mad grilling skills to cook the fish. Meanwhile, I cooked up some orzo (my favorite side dish, as you well know) and added just butter and lemon zest. I wanted to keep it simple since the fish would be so full of flavor. Just a squeeze of lemon over the fish, and dinner is served.

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