Can't Seem to Get it Right Today

Even the power-nap I just took did nothing to shake this lethargic feeling I've had all day. Maybe it's the heat. I have no reason to be tired, believe me. Aaron and I watched a 48 Hours Mystery last night, then went promptly to bed. At 10:00. On Saturday night. My college-self is cringing in horror. Yet, good night's sleep and all, I'm still walking around like a zombie. Well, I suppose this zombie better scrounge up some energy to make dinner tonight, because raw chicken and uncooked pasta aren't acceptable meal fare, or so I hear. 

Blouse: Liberty of London for Target; pants: Gap; belt: Loft; shoes: Aldo


  1. Hi Shea,
    All I did this weekend was watch Stargate Universe (yes, I am a scifi geek). I was that tired! Give yourself a break and maybe a second cup of coffee.
    I have the same pants :)
    And yesterday's skirt, oh la la. I loved it on Kendi and I tried to purchase it. All out of my size :( It looks terrific on you, glad you found it.
    Oh, AND, your gold oxfords were featured in a mag I recently look through. I will try to find the photo...

    Almost forgot, I schedule my blogging time. My family made me do it.

  2. such a cute look. I just adore those shoes. and hey, nothing wrong with a good night's sleep!


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