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Recently, Kenzie of Fossil Frame did a "What's in My Bag?" Post. She tagged me to share with the world what I carry around in my (bottomless pit of a) bag. First of all, the purse I use the most is the one pictured below, from Urban Outfitters. It's nice and roomy, plus it's messenger-style, so I love that my hands are free. For fall, I have my eye on more structured, slightly smaller purses, but for now, this is my go-to bag.

Okay, now to the contents. I apologize in advance--they're not very exciting. Sunglasses thrifted from the Clothes Mentor, my current favorite pair; my wallet, given to me by my BFF Abby; Jergens lotion; a mirror compact, no idea where I got it; nail file/case; Shea Butter lip balm (I love shea butter, need you ask why?); Natural Ice chapstick (it's the only kind I use, I'm an addict); kleenex; New Testament; pens; Luxe Link purse hook,another gift from the bestie; gum; keys; lipgloss (Sonia Kashuk in Precious); mini notebook; phone (will hopefully be replaced with a cooler one soon). Well, folks, there you go--that's what I lug around on a daily basis. What's that I hear? Are you snoring? I should have thrown a few "crazy" items in there to keep things interesting, like a kazoo or a can of tomatoes. Hey, you never know when you're going to need a kazoo, right?

Oh, and I forgot--I also always carry a book around with me, it just wasn't in my bag because, well, I was reading it. Current book: Elephant Song by Wilbur Smith.

Anyone else feel like sharing the contents of your bag? If you do, let me know!

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  1. Great post..and super cute bag..Im afraid to even see all that I have in my bag....Im sure its not as bad as I think it is, lol

  2. Love posts like this! Here is my post from earlier this year with my bag :o)

  3. Love the bag. I always forget to do this tag!

  4. I have that same Jergens lotion - love it! : )


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