Won't You Guide My Sleigh Tonight

Yes, I've still been taking pictures, cold-reddened nose or no.  I had to go to work yesterday, so I figured I may as well.  I'm not ready for a straight-on shot though; you would see that my nose matches the color of my flower and tank top.  An added accessory, if you will.  Today, I'm feeling a little better, but the nose is still red enough for Rudolf-references.  But again, I'm not going to dilly dally and prolong my shopping. Am I pathetic? Maybe a little. But seriously, this challenge hasn't been as difficult as I thought it would be (maybe because I chose so many basics to wear).  It's not that I have difficulty coming up with new looks, it's that I miss the other options I have available to me in my closet.  And I don't want to keep those options waiting any longer! Oh, and also, I want to shop! Those blackjack winnings are burning a hole in my pocket!

Tank top: Old Navy; dress: Loft; earrings: Charlotte Russe; flower pin: maybe Target?; sandals: Gap

T-shirt: Old Navy; shorts: Loft; necklace: from a boutique in Paris; sandals: Gap


  1. I think I was with you when you bought the necklace in the second picture...c'est vrai?

  2. Love the necklace!

    xo Lynzy

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  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. Love the outfit. New follower!!!

  4. Both are great! hope you are feelig better!!


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