Took Some Time to Celebrate

This weekend, we're celebrating my father-in-law's marriage.  It should be a fun but busy weekend, so I probably won't get a chance to post pictures until Monday.  I promise though, that in those pictures I will only be wearing my 30 for 30 clothes--no cheating from me! 

Today we finally finished cleaning out our old apartment, and said goodbye to it forever.  Believe me, no tears were shed during that experience.  I will not miss that place! I'm only sorry we didn't get that done sooner. (I mean, we only had two months to do it!)  It just reminded me again how much I hate cleaning.  I wish I were like Monica from Friends, who finds cleaning exhilarating.  I just find it exhausting.  Maybe one day, when we're rich (because you know, I'm sure that's going to happen) I can hire someone to clean for me.  Ah, that will be great.  Then I can spend my time cooking, reading, and sipping Bellinis in a hammock in our back yard.  I'd better start buying my Lotto tickets now.

Blouse: Loft; camisole: Forever 21 (I'm not counting this as one of my 30--I wouldn't wear it alone, just under stuff); jeans: Old Navy; shoes: Aldo 


  1. ha! i feel your pain. i hope that next time i move, i'll have enough money to afford to hire some cleaners because it is not a fun experience!

    and i love those gold shoes! such a fun and unexpected kick! no pun intended, but i'll roll with it. haha!

  2. AH!!! I love those shoes!! And I ADORE the top! And YES--cleaning--phooey.

    As for your thirty for thirty, how fun!!

  3. LOL I was just saying today at lunch that I need to win the lottery.

  4. Love the print on that top! Congrats on being all done with the old pad!

  5. Oooh I love weddings! And I LOVE that top!

  6. so pretty, those shoes are killer! Your blog is really cute, I have to try that pad thai recipe now! yum! xx


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