Stop in and Ask Miss Bell for Some of Her Sweet Tea

Today just feels like summer: it's scorching outside, I have the day off, and all I feel like doing is lounging around sipping lemonade (I don't really like tea but I couldn't think of any songs about lemonade).  Oh yeah and eating ice cream. But that's a given.  Aaron and I found this little mural by a random gas station, so I had to take pictures in front of it.  I'm pretty sure the people in the gas station thought I was nuts, or maybe they thought I was a tourist.  Anyway, isn't it cute? 

Technically, I already wore this outfit, after the wedding in Vegas.  But since I didn't take any pictures, it doesn't count.  So I'm re-wearing it, but with different shoes (crazy, I know).  

T-shirt: Old Navy; shorts: Loft; sunnies: thrifted, Clothes Mentor; watch: Issey Miyake, gift; belt: Loft; shoes: American Eagle


  1. Love the striped tee! And the red shoes add the perfect pop of colour!

  2. Cool mural! And I love that song :)


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