Sittin On the Dock of the Bay

Or the dock of the backyard, whatever.  I felt like our new Adirondack chairs made a nice backdrop against this outfit.  If you don't look closely, you won't even notice that the chairs are two different colors. We got the chairs as an anniversary gift from Aaron's dad and his fiancée.  After Aaron and his dad put the chairs together, we stained them ourselves.  As it turns out, staining has a learning curve. 

Anyway, I just wanted a laid-back, work-appropriate look with a slightly nautical feel (is it still laid-back when you need that many adjectives?) for my outfit today.  It's hot out, and I'm ready to get this weekend started! I hope everyone has a great 4th of July weekend!  Please wear sunscreen and don't blow off any fingers.  Wow, sorry, I was channeling a mom there for a second, I'll stop now.  But really, wear the sunscreen. 

T-shirt: Old Navy; skirt: LOFT; watch: Issey Miyake, gift; belt: Target; shoes: American Eagle 


  1. Hello fellow Rosebud! I love the pop of color in the flats, perfect for the 4th :)

  2. Love those cute little pumps! I found you via the rosebuds too!

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