Put a Smile on Your Face

Things that made me smile today:  my always-happy, tail wagging dog greeting me at the door; taking a few minutes to read before work; making spaghetti with meatballs for dinner; eating spaghetti with meatballs; shasta; Aaron put rubber pads on the back of my bookmark to keep it from sliding out of my book.  I was starting to get frustrated tonight, just about random little things, but I realize now that I have more things to smile about than be frustrated about.  I don't think about those things enough; it's so easy to dwell on the negative parts of my day, but thinking about the good is much more rewarding.  Sorry if this sounds trite; I just needed to remind myself to count my blessings! 

Speaking of blessings, I'm over halfway through the 30 for 30 now! I'm getting used to ignoring all the other clothes (and shoes) in my closet, and just picking from my 30 for 30 choices.  There are a couple pieces I haven't even worn yet, like my denim jacket.  Since the temperature hasn't dropped below 90 since I started the challenge, I certainly haven't needed a jacket.  Maybe I should swap it out for some shoes.  Can I do that? 

Tank: Old Navy; skirt: Gap; necklace: Dean Harris for Target; belt: Loft; shoes: Jessica Simpson, from Kathy's closet

Sorry, random dog shot. But she's so cute, I couldn't resist.  She's not very good at getting her picture taken though; I think she was distracted by a squirrel. 


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