Oh I Can't Keep it in

I've been feeling very lazy and lethargic today, so I'm trying to think positive, energetic thoughts to counteract my mood.  Also, I wore this bright top to lift my spirits as well.  I took a nap this morning, and rather than waking me up, it just left me wanting to stay on the couch for the remainder of the day.  But, I have this little thing called work that I have to go to, so that's just not an option.  Maybe I need to brew some afternoon coffee.

Top: Gap; pants: Gap; necklace: Loft; belt: Loft; shoes: Jessica Simpson, from a friend's closet

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  1. Loving those wedges! Im feeling the same way today! ugh!

  2. I'm in love with your wedges too. <3

  3. I am tired today too. Must be in the air!


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