Let the Rain Fall

Sorry for the crappy, indoor picture.  It went from being a bright, sunny day to dark and stormy in a matter of seconds.  Truth be told, I love it when that happens (even though it does interfere with my blog pictures).  Sudden weather changes--it's a Kansas specialty! 

Since I've only worn this (one-shoulder) dress once during the challenge, I decided to toss a t-shirt over it and wear it as a skirt. You can see the top part a little, but it's not bad.  It makes this dress a little more versatile, and gives me hope for fall.  Despite the warm temperatures, I can't help but think about how fall is just around the corner.  I can't wait to pair my summery skirts and dresses with tights and sweaters! 

Dress: Loft; t-shirt: Loft; necklace: Loft; shoes: Aldo


  1. Loving the metallic shoes. Really want some for fall - I think they will make me ONE cool teacher!

  2. It's been nasty here all day too! Killer shoes!

  3. Really cute. Just love the shoes! And the necklace is perfect!

    ps. your house is lovely! (love to peak at people's homes in their outfit pics!!)

  4. LOVE this look!!!! You look super fab!


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