Back to Life, Back to Reality

Don't you hate returning to real life after a vacation? Even though I didn't have to go to work until 5:00 today, the day was still long.  Laundry and grocery shopping wait for no woman.  Actually, grocery shopping I like, it's laundry I could happily hire out.  If I could.  I won't get into that again.  

Like my neighbor's jet ski in the background? I thought that would be a nice touch.  Or, I didn't realize it was there until after I uploaded (is that the correct direction of loading?) my pictures.  Well, I'm going to get back to pretending to watch the home run derby with Aaron and friends.  Have a good Monday! Oh, and I totally forgot to mention that Keira from A Pretty Penny was my inspiration for today's look!

Cardigan: Loft, Clothes Mentor; camisole (again, doesn't count): Loft, Clothes Mentor; shorts: Gap; earrings: Target; necklace: Target; sandals: NY & Co.

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