30 Days of This

Okay, here we go! Now that I've taken the pictures, there's no going back now! I hope I can make all this work for 30 days.  Surprisingly (for me), I didn't plan ahead all the different outfits I can make with these pieces.  I'm just flying by the seat of my (two pairs of) pants! That's not entirely true--most of these items are workhorses in my wardrobe, and I know they go with numerous pieces.  I liked Kendi's spreadsheet idea, and I like spreadsheets, so I did make one so I can document my outfits as I go along.  (In case I forget and feel too lazy to look it up on my blog.)  Well, here's to 30 days of wearing these clothes and not shopping! 

Column 1: Old Navy, Old Navy, Old Navy, Loft, Loft; Column 2: Old Navy, Loft, Gap, Loft

From Left: Loft (via Clothes Mentor), Gap, Old Navy (via thrift shop)

From left: Loft, Gap, Old Navy, Gap, The Limited (via Marshall's)

From left: Gap Outlet; Gap; Loft; NY & Co.

From Left: Loft, Forever 21, Target, Loft

Clockwise from left: Gap, American Eagle, Jessica Simpson (via a friend's closet), NY&Co, Aldo

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  1. I didn't plan when I picked either. I have a feeling the last week of this challenge is going to be VERY interesting for me. LOL!!!

  2. I didn't plan either. I have a feeling the last week of this challenge is going to consist of some VERY... um... adventurous outfits!

  3. yay can't wait to see what you do with these pieces!!

  4. You can do it! That is a fabulous collection to work with!

  5. I don't think I even have 30 items in my normal rotation...so sad...haha. You inspire me to shop!


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