19 Kinda Snotty Actin Real Rude

I remember my best friend and I used to drive around listening to music and when this Nelly song ("Ride wit Me") came on we thought we were so cool.  Like, yeah, that's so us (we were 19 at the time).  We also bought these Bad Girl's Guide books and made it our mission to be "bad girls".  But not really. Like the baddest we got was me pretending to be Abby's mom and trying to call her out of school so we could go have lunch. That didn't quite work, and anyone who knows me knows why (I have the voice of a twelve year old.). Ah, good times.  Anyway, that'll be all the teenage anecdotes from me today. I had to reminisce though--my 30 for 30 teenage years, er, days, are nearly through.

Starting tomorrow, it will be my final ten looks! Can you believe I've made it this far? Although I've missed shopping for a while, today was the first day I actually started missing the other clothes in my closet. I actually thought about putting on some "non 30 for 30" clothes, just for a little while.  But then, I was afraid that I'd like them too much, and not want to finish the challenge.  And if that happened, I'd not only be letting myself down, but I'd also be letting you down.  (Cue dramatic music.) Okay, if I'm starting to sound loopy, it's just because I had to get up at 5 am today, and quite frankly, it's been a long time since I've seen 5 am.  

Sorry for the long, rambly, post... I'll understand completely if you just look at the picture.  Hope you have a good weekend! I'll try to get some sleep so I don't let this happen again. No promises though.

T-shirt: Old Navy; skirt: NY & Co; belt: Target; shoes: NY & Co.


  1. Loved the long rambly post. And adore this outfit. The colours, shoes, everything~! Perfect!

  2. Hi Shea.
    Thanks for the kind words. The support from the blog world has blown me away.

    I've visited your blog before. You are the gold oxford gal! I thought I recognized your link. I'm in love with your lavender one shoulder dress. Oh, and I love the brownies. Yes, definately the brownies. Congrats on the last 10 of the 30 for 30. I wasn't brave enough. You have awesome mixology skills.


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