A Woman's Work is Never Done

It's official: I'm no longer a lazy summer bum! I started my first day yesterday at LOFT.  It went well, and everyone I met was really friendly.  My only worry is that my whole paycheck will go towards clothes; this will be quite an exercise in willpower.  And, since I always record where my clothes come from on the blog, I can't even hide it.  

Anyway, after work yesterday I went to my friend Katrina's baby shower.  I can't believe that I'm getting old enough for my friends to be starting families! Well don't be expecting any babies from me any time soon--I'll let my friends go first.  I'll see how it goes for them, then I can decide if I want to go down that road.  Being a dog-mom is about all the responsibility I want right now.  Well, give your dogs or kids a hug, and have a good rest of the weekend!  

T-shirt: Forever 21; skirt: LOFT (not new by the way); belt: Target; shoes: Se Boutique, DSW

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  1. Happy to hear it went well! You look darling!xoxo

  2. That F21 tee is adorable. And yay for employee discounts. HA!


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