A Whiter Shade of Pale

Today I was reminded what it's like to stand on my feet all day! As a sub, I was often just a babysitter: the token adult in the room making sure kids were doing what they were supposed to.  They usually weren't.  But working in a clothing store is much more physically exhausting, which means only one thing.  I better get myself more pairs of stylish, yet comfortable shoes!  Yep, I can always relate it back to shopping. At least at this job, I get actual lunch breaks. (As opposed to when I worked at a bakery and had to stand the entire time and eat only when there were no customers...fun.  I remember reheating leftovers over and over again, being ready to take a bite, then in walked someone-or-other.  Oh, f it, I'll just make a sandwich.  I'm done now, I swear.) 

I was going for a neutral look today.  While nothing says summer like bright florals and neon prints, I also like the crisp freshness of white with tans, khakis, and golds.  Somehow, it even makes my pale skin look like it was a planned part of the ensemble.  Anything to justify the whiteness... Sometimes I stand in front of the patio furniture just to make myself feel tan.  Is it working? 

Tank: Gap; skirt: Gap outlet; earrings: Target; necklace: LOFT; belt: Target; shoes: Gap
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  1. You look great Shae! You should check out the Seychelle selection at Nordies, they are my favorite shoes to wear to work, I stand on tile and marble too all day!


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