To the Sunny Side of the Street

This summer, I've decided that my goal is to explore Kansas City.  I've lived here since I was a kid, but sadly, a lot goes on here that I haven't had a chance to experience.  Now that I live closer to the city, I have no reason not to get involved in all KC has to offer.  So last night, Aaron and I decided to check out First Fridays downtown.  Every first Friday of the month, the Crossroads district features its restaurants and art galleries in the evening, and people can walk around and scope out the galleries and eat some yummy food. We had a great time, and I hope this is just the start of an adventure-filled summer! I know, I sound like a tour guide.  Sorry.

T-shirt: Old navy; skirt: American Eagle, secondhand; scarf: Converse One Star for Target; shoes: Gap

I had every intention of taking lots of pictures while out, and I started out well by capturing the great view from Cashew, our first stop.  Yep, that was the only one I took.  

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  1. That scarf is a great pop of color! I think it's great you're going to explore where you live, it's a great way to get out and have some fun!


  2. I worked in KC in 2001 and had some fun times at the Plaza.

    Cute scarf.


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