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So this was one of those days where I liked my look a heckova lot better in person than I do in this photo.  So just imagine you're here with me, in person (probably saying, "fix your hair and don't stand so stiff and robot-like").  Anyway, I wanted to dress up my trusty cropped cargo pants, since all I ever seem to do is pair them with a t-shirt.  For a complete contrast, I went for this ruffly, silky blouse, a bow belt, and black wedges.  And until I saw this (and the other quickly deleted ones) photo, I thought I was looking pretty stylish.  That's what you get for thinking I suppose.  

This leads me to another thought... When you (or your husband/photographer/stranger on the street) take photos that don't turn out the way you'd hoped, what do you do? Do you post them anyway, so as to document that day's outfit? Or, for the sake of aesthetics, wait for a better photo to post? Or even re-take the photos? I was thinking of this not only because of this picture today, but also because I failed to do a food post last night because the food wasn't very pretty.  No, I'll just come right out and say it--it was ugly.  It was a great (Rachael Ray) dish of mashed potatoes with mini turkey patties and gravy.  It was a very brown, lumpy looking meal that tasted fantastic but looked anything but.  So I didn't do a post, and now I'm wondering if I should have.  

Blouse: LOFT; pants: Gap; belt: from an old dress; watch: Natural, gift; wedges: Merona, Target

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  1. Okay, as for photos not turning out? I get my husband to take A LOT of photos (possibly on average thirty of each outfit, often more). So there is always at LEAST one good one. And so at the very worst I post that one (if I ever only have one pic posted this is why--it was the ONLY good one!)!!

    As for this outfit: it looks great! I love it. The shoes and the belt, and everything! Though I do see what you are saying, you do kind of look angry in it-perhaps you are thinking DAMN, I should have taken a pic of that yummy turkey potato mush after all!


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