Lend Me Your Ear and I'll Sing You a Song

First of all, I'm finally wearing the dress I won in the giveaway Jolie from Senorita Fashionista hosted from Dirty Betty Vintage!  Isn't it adorable?  I LOVE it even more in person than I did when I saw it in the shop.  So thanks Jolie and Dirty Betty Vintage!! You should definitely check out the DBV etsy shop--it's packed with some great stuff! 

Last night, my dad called me and told me one of our family friends that I haven't seen since my wedding (about 4 years ago) was in town, so Aaron and I went to go hang out with them.  It made me think about my childhood, and how (as an only child) I used to sit around and listen to music and talk with all the grown-ups.  And now I'm one of the "grown-ups" myself! 

Dress: Dirty Betty Vintage; necklace: Forever 21; belt: Target; shoes: Gap

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  1. How friggin adorable is that dress on you? Yay for giveaways! lol You seriously look great!


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