Inspired By: There is Room for You by Charlotte Bacon

I know the scenery leaves a little to be desired today, but forgive me, it was raining.  I once again turned to the book I'm reading for inspiration.  There is Room for You is a beautifully written novel about a mother, a daughter, their complicated relationship, and India.  Rose, Anne's mother, grew up in India when it was still a colony of Great Britian.  At 17, she leaves India for England, and eventually moves to the U.S. and marries an American.  Rose never shared her childhood experiences with her daughter, but when Anne decides to travel to India, Rose finally finds a way to open up to her.  

My outfit is simple, but I put it together thinking of Rose, and Anne, and India.  My earrings, which I know are difficult to see clearly, are Indian-inspired; they're gold with pink, purple and red stones.  They were my starting point, and I picked up on the purple with this scarf, which seemed like something Rose would like.  The jeans and tee are classic American pieces, and I could see Anne wearing something similar in her travels.  

If you're looking for a good book, let me recommend this one by Charlotte Bacon.  It's not a fast read, but it is beautiful and touching.  

T-shirt: LOFT; jeans: Old Navy; earrings: secondhand; scarf: Forever 21; sandals: Gap


  1. Your blog is ah-dorable! I LOVE your layout, and your chic style. Thank you so much for linking to a pretty penny :)

  2. Beautiful scarf! And that sounds like a lovely book.


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