In the Jungle the Mighty Jungle or Safari Chic

This week, Jessica of What I Wore issued another style challenge.  This time, it was safari-themed.  I love a good style challenge, and despite my lack of safari-esque clothing items, I was bound and determined to participate.  The sweltering summer sun made my army-green jacket with cargo pockets seem a tad inappropriate.  So cargo capris in the same shade were my starting point.  I added the one bold animal print item I own, (that needs to change, now doesn't it?) the scarf.  Things got a little crazy when I put on my snakeskin-print sandals.  But I figured the pattern was subtle enough that I could get away with wearing two animal-print accessories at once.  Finally, I topped it off with my leaf necklace, because hey, when you go on safari you see a lot of trees, right?  Bit of a stretch? Maybe.  

T-shirt: Old Navy; pants: Gap; necklace: Dean Harris for Target; scarf (as belt): thrifted; sandals: Ann Taylor Factory Store, gift

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  1. You're a brave soul, I saw the challenge and thought, no way. This is cute though! I totally didn't notice how appropriate your sandals were until reading, great job!

  2. Cute! I love safari stuff when it was not overdone. I was the challenge but slacked off getting a pic in.


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