Good Day Sunshine and Champagne Saturday

As you can see, I bought some patio furniture today.  Outdoor meals, here we come! We're going to have to buy another set if we want to let other people sit down and eat too, though.  Or they can just sit on the deck and watch us eat.  I'm such a gracious hostess! No, I am going to buy a second set, they just didn't have it in today (at Marshall's).  

Today is also my first Champagne Saturday post.  Every Saturday, the Bon Bon Rose Girls do a blog post about what they're wearing and drinking or what they would like to be wearing and drinking.  I'm just staying in tonight, drinking some wine and watching some True Blood with Aaron, so I'm dressed pretty casually.  I added some interest to an otherwise basic look with a pretty green bow (which unintentionally echoed my backdrop) and a delicate yet interesting necklace (Thanks Abby!).  To drink this evening we are sticking to the casual theme with Bota Box Pinot Grigio.  I haven't tried Bota Box, but the idea of having Pinot Grigio at the ready in the fridge is pretty appealing.  Well, I'd better get that box opened and pour myself a glass! 

T-shirt: Old Navy; shorts: The Limited, Marshall's; necklace: Banana Republic Factory, gift; bow/belt: from Gap trench; sandals: Old Navy

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  1. Love the patio set. Wanting to get one myself so that is why it is the first thing I commented on! Oh, and YES that bow as a belt? -fabulous!

    And you are FUNNY! Let them sit on the deck! I would (so long as you fed me, really it's the food that counts, and yours always looks so good!!)

  2. I love being outside and enjoying some good company on the weekends! I've been cathing up on season 2 of True Blood lately, getting ready for season 3! I think we will get along famously! xoxo


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