Dinner Tonight: Chicken Enchiladas

More accurately, this was last night's dinner.  It was another success from Budget Bytes (recipe here).  Aaron especially thought they were heavenly.  He's a sucker for an enchilada though.  If given the choice between me and a big plate of enchiladas, I think he'd hesitate, I really do.  And then he'd choose the enchiladas.  No, I'm just kidding (I hope). Me, I rarely make them or order them when we go to dinner.  It's not that I don't love them, it's just that my mom makes the BEST ones ever and I'm always disappointed when I order someone else's sub-par enchiladas.  I've made them her way a few times myself, and they're quite an endeavor to make (lots of frying, lots of crisco, big mess, but so so good).  So, anyway, I decided to try these because they're so different from my mom's.  They're filled with a creamy chicken mixture (chicken, sour cream, cheese, green chiles) and topped with more cheese and green enchilada sauce.  Yum!

Aaron grilled up some corn and I made a spicy sour cream sauce for it (sour cream, lime juice, chipotle powder).  I cannot express to you my love for corn on the cob, so I'm not even going to try.  (I hope you're not too distracted by those industrial looking corn pokers...they do the job though.)

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  1. my mouth is watering. I love enchiladas. I make a creamy version with crab that are awesome.

    That corn looks really good too.


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