Cellophane Flowers of Yellow and Green

Hey look, I have a plant! Well, technically, it's Aaron's plant, since he will be the one tending to it.  You can probably guess that my history with horticulture is a rather bleak one.  Maybe the picture doesn't give it away, but if you look closely, you can see the blackness of my thumbs.  I even killed a peace lily (which I'm sure is some sort of sin, considering the name).  Everyone told me: "Peace Lilies are easy! It's impossible to kill them." Well folks, call me a plant murderer then.  (Although, there was no harm intended--would that be manslaughter then? Or plantslaughter? That sounds worse.) Despite all this, look, look at my pretty plant! 

I was feeling mediocre about this outfit (the skirt fits me a little funny, and I think I need heels or something) but I thought the color complemented the flowers so nicely I went ahead and had Aaron take pics.  It's not bad though--I'm just feeling like it needs something, but I can't figure out what.  Hmmm.  Well I'm off to work now (hence, no heels) but have a lovely, flowery afternoon.

Top: Express; skirt: Gap; earrings: handmade by Aaron's Aunt Mary; belt: Target; watch: Issey Miyake (sent by my mom & Jeff, awesome!); sandals: Ann Taylor Factory Store, gift

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  1. I'm the grim reaper of death when it comes to house plants.

    Actually more like a hospice, I try to tend to their needs but in the end, death looms.


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