Under the Sea in an Octopus's Garden

I'm really into varying shades of blue right now.  I love the contrast of the royal blue and the light aqua, and it's hard to see, but I have a navy blue ring on.  This outfit is very simple, and in it I don't stand out in a crowd, but I like it because of the colors.  I feel very oceanic.  Too bad I'm land-locked.  Well, I'm trying to organize my books tonight (and if you've seen how many I have you'll know this is quite a job) so I better end here.  I'll try to post my dinner later though.  

Cardigan: Gap; t-shirt: Gap; pants: Gap (hey, I could be a commercial!); earrings: Charlotte Russe; ring: second-hand; shoes (barely visible, sorry): Isaac Mizrahi for Target

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