It Don't Matter if You're Black or White

Today was cold and rainy--fitting for a Monday, no?  So I had to try to find a place inside that wasn't covered in boxes (there aren't many).  Hence the odd lighting.  New curtains though, you like?  I found them in the clearance section at Bed Bath & Beyond.  Never having spent much money on home decor, I find it to be ridiculously expensive!  I plan to hit the garage sales this weekend with some friends, so hopefully I can find some good deals.  

I decided to give print mixing another go, but very cautiously.  I kept everything black and white so the prints wouldn't overwhelm me.  Although I'm not sure; this may be too simple.  I feel like it needs something.  A necklace? A belt? (Yes, I know, I do need an iron.) I've come to realize that khaki pants just don't look good on me after a day at work.  So picture them 9 hours earlier--less wrinkled, less baggy.  Got it?  Good.  Well, this rainy weather is making me sleepy so I think I'll call it a night soon.  Sweet dreams.

Cardigan: Old Navy, thrifted; t-shirt: Old Navy; pants: Banana Republic Factory Store, from mom's closet; shoes: Nine West
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  1. I love mixing prints, I think some layered necklaces would work really well with this look! Youre right home decor is terribly expensive! Im doing some garage sale shopping too this Friday! Have fun!


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