Inspired by: Scoop by Evelyn Waugh

I'm not as radiant today as it turns out. This was the only decent picture, and I'm making an annoyed face and squinting.  Anyhoo, I was thinking yesterday about how I get inspiration from other bloggers more than anywhere else.  While I don't see anything wrong with that (fashion bloggers rock my world!) I don't think it hurts to be inspired by the somewhat unconventional.  Since I read probably more than I do anything else, I thought about the book I'm reading right now (Scoop--as mentioned in the title) and how it too can be a source of inspiration.  Published in 1937, it's about an unknown journalist, William Boot, who is mistakenly sent to Ishmaelia (a fictional country in Africa) to cover a civil war there.  Boot not only knows nothing about the conflict he's supposed to cover, but also little about journalism in general.  

So, how did this inspire my outfit?  Since the setting of the story is Africa, I decided to incorporate the safari trend into my look with khaki shorts, a tan leather belt, and a pocketed button up.  Inspired by Boot's unpreparedness, I added accessories that would make going on an actual safari quite impractical (the chunky necklace, the high wedges).   

So what inspires you?  

Oh, I almost forgot--I'm now on twitter!  I have yet to figure out how to link it to my blog, but I will... I need some sort of a handbook I swear!  But, if you're on twitter I am @shealennon (bonchicbongastronomique was too long!).  

Blouse: Ann Taylor Outlet; shorts: Old Navy; earrings: Target; necklace: Forever 21; belt: Target;  wedges: NY & Co.

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  1. Love yellow shoes are the perfect finishing touch! Great look!


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