I Want You to Want Me

It was unintentional, but this outfit mimicked our weather today.  It was sunny for part of the day, and dark, gray and dreary for the other part.  Anyway, I had another job interview today!  This was for a French teaching job for next year…I really hope I get it!  Half of the interview was in French—it’s lucky my brain is still functioning.  That was a mental workout!  Since I’ve been subbing, I’ve rarely had the opportunity to speak French.  They didn’t kick me out after that (the French part was first) so I guess I’ll take that as a good sign.  I won’t find out for at least another two weeks whether I got the job.  I’m trying very hard not to get my hopes up, but I really do hope they decided that they can’t possibly live without me.  So keep your fingers crossed for me!

So I tried to use Picasa's photo-editor to make my face look less red, but to no avail.  So, note to self--don't take pictures after a job interview conducted in French, after drinking wine, getting angry, crying, or spending more than 30 minutes in the sun with no sunscreen.  I don't know why I get so red!  Oh well, maybe that will take some of the focus away from my ghostly legs.

Cardigan: Gap Outlet; blouse: Elle, secondhand; skirt: Converse One Star, Target; shoes: NY & Co.
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  1. good luck.

    I think you look great, you look like you have a kiss of color in your cheeks.

  2. this is my fav outfit of yours yet! Love the first pic. So classy. and GOOD LUCK!

    as for the pic editing, did you try turning the saturation down? Though, I don't use piccasa so I don't know if it can do that.

  3. great blog! i'm glad i found your site. oh, i love yellow


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