Green Eyes Yeah the Spotlight Shines Upon You

Sorry I look pissed in this photo.  I swear I'm not--the pictures with me smiling looked funny.  Not funny ha-ha, just funny weird.  So pissed face it is.  The weather here is getting me a little irked, however.  Yesterday was such a tease; it was beautiful and sunny.  Today we're back to chilly, cloudy and rainy. So I was inspired by Erin of Calivintage and her rainy day look.  I love how she paired a bright, colorful dress with black and gray, and tied it all together with red shoes.  I chose this bright skirt to counteract the gloomy weather, kept the gray and black, but opted for yellow flats instead.  

I have another summer job interview on Monday! This one is for a clothing store, which would be a rather dangerous job for me.  If I get that job, I'll be lucky if I bring home any money at all.  I can hear Aaron now, "Honey, I thought you said you worked 30 hours this week..." Me--"Isn't there a baseball game on or something?" See what I did there--a little change of subject.  I knew those D.A.R.E. strategies would come in handy for something other than saying no to drugs! 

Cardigan: American Eagle; t-shirt: Loft; skirt: NY & Co; earrings: Target; necklace: Target; shoes: Merona, Target

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  1. I have those shoes in gray--maybe I am more stylish than I thought!

  2. Ooo, love this look. Such perfection!! Adore that skirt. The pattern is so gorgeous.

    Also, I always look funny when I DON'T smile. I look either completely vapid or like a mass murderer. My trick is never to look directly at the camera. Looking at the camera is my kriptonite.

  3. Cute look! It is so dangerous working in a clothing store, watch out!


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