Eight Days a Week

I know I wear this scarf all the time (Thanks Abby!) but it really is the perfect add-on when I feel like my outfit "needs something".  Which this outfit, with its simple stripes and yellow flats, did.  I haven't really gone anywhere lately that warrants dressing up, so I've kept things pretty simple.  Mixing the floral scarf and striped cardigan is as crazy as I get this week I guess.  

I went to a new hair stylist today, which always makes me nervous.  The guy I'd been going to moved to California.  For some reason, Aaron won't let me fly there just to get my hair done.  And he calls himself a supportive husband! Anyhow, I was a little scared when he got done today--my hair was huge!  I managed to tone it down a little afterwards, and I hope that once I style it myself I'll like it better.  I know it isn't really that different than what I had before, but it just doesn't feel like me right now.  Well, I suppose the good thing about hair is that it grows.  

Cardigan: Loft, secondhand; tank: Gap; shorts: The Limited, Marshall's; scarf: Old Navy, gift; shoes: Merona, Target

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  1. This is so cute, I love the varying of stripes and floral. So cute!


  2. My favorite outfit of yours so far! Hope youhad a great weekend!


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