You're as Cold as Ice

This outfit is nothing new really--I'm pretty sure I've worn this same combo before, recently even (maybe without the cardigan).  But I was really feeling the icy cool color combination.  The gray really makes the blue cardigan pop I think.  

I know it looks like I'm not wearing shoes (I am) but it was hard to get a good photo in after the close call bumblebee attack.  Usually, Aaron takes my blog pictures in the little wooded area behind our apartment building.  But for the past two days, there's been a bumblebee flying angrily back and forth right by Aaron's head as he's trying to get the shots.  I get the distinct feeling that we are NOT wanted back there.  Or maybe he just read my yellow and white outfit post and he's offended.  Either way, I think I'll just take pictures out front for the next couple of weeks (and then we'll be shooting from a new location...yay!).  This, unfortunately means shots with cars in them or shots by the ass tree.  Hey, it may be pretty, but it also STINKS!  (I just read a post on Jen Loves Kev where she was complaining about the smelly trees, so I'm not the only one!)  

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Oh, I almost forgot--my neighbor put this owl statue in front of her door, so I had to take a picture with it.  Supposedly it's to keep birds away (or that's what Aaron says anyway).  But it gives me the creeps.  The first time I saw it it was dark, and I thought it was real (I was far away, okay).  

Cardigan: Gap; t-shirt: Old Navy; pants: Gap; necklace: Francesca's, gift

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