It's the Hammer of Justice, it's the Bell of Freedom

Well, yesterday I was feeling French in my stripes + black combo.  But, as Erin of Calivintage reminded me, stripes are not just for our amies fran├žaises.  Stripes can also give an Americana vibe, which never seems to go out of style, but is especially popular this year.  With that, I took my stripes in a more patriotic direction.  Forgive me, I've been wearing these clothes for over twelve hours, so they're looking a bit worse for the wear.  I wish I could pull off that slightly rumpled, disheveled look that looks like I just threw something on but in a good way.  Instead, everything just looks wrinkled and baggy.  Which it is.  But hey, when you survive a day with a bunch of seventh graders, wrinkled and baggy seems about right.  I'm alive, and I still have a voice.  For that, I'm thankful.

T-shirt: Gap; khakis: Ann Taylor Loft; shoes: American Eagle
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  1. Did you score those AE shoes recently? Loooooove them!

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