It's All Been Done

When I was putting today's outfit together last night (which I must--I get up too early to make good choices) I found myself being drawn to some of my wardrobe workhorses.  Every piece I put on today I seem to gravitate towards constantly.  This LBD is so perfect for work--it's easy to put on, plus it's a blank canvas for whatever accessories I'm in the mood for.  This gray cardigan (that was SO cheap!) is so easy to throw on over whatever I'm wearing for added warmth and added chic.  My necklace, which I got when I went to Paris several years ago is my go-to necklace anytime I'm wearing a simple dress or shirt.  These shoes are a more recent addition to my wardrobe (not that recent, but they're less than a year old) but I find myself wearing them whenever I need to add some color to a black or gray look.  In fact, after looking at this, I'm wondering if I've already worn this exact same thing and posted about it.  Hmmm I may have to search the archives.  Maybe I'll learn my lesson and be more detailed in my labeling.  

Cardigan: Forever 21; dress: Banana Republic Outlet; necklace: boutique in Paris; belt: Forever 21; flats: Se Boutique, DSW
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