I'm Sippin On Some Sunshine

So surprisingly, this is not what I wore to work today.  It is, however, what I wanted to wear.  The weather was lovely today—a perfect day to bust out the shorts.  And sans tights even.  (Although I really hope that’s still cool next fall—that look was really starting to grow on me.)  Anyway, I decided to change because I wasn’t feeling what I had on earlier.  Really, it was the same outfit but with a skirt instead of the shorts, and there was something about it that just wasn’t right.  Which, duh, was the skirt so that's why I changed it.  Is it just me or am I talking in circles?

I feel like since the weather has gotten warmer, my outfits have gotten simpler.  I don’t know if it’s because I don’t want to feel weighed down or if it’s simply because it’s nearly May and I’m a teacher and I’m growing lazier.  It’s probably both.  Do you tend to dress more simply in the warmer months, or does season not affect the simplicity-level of your style? 

Blouse: Forever 21; shorts: Hollister (I'm pretty sure I haven't shopped there since high school, and that is exactly when I got these shorts. Old.); belt: Old Navy; shoes: Merona, Target; sunnies: Target
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  1. This look is pretty much perfection. Love the yellow shoes!

  2. Hold on--I didn't realize you were teaching! What are you teaching? And did you wear shorts to school?

  3. Rachel--I'm certified to teach French, but right now I'm subbing. I just got my certification in December. And no, I did not wear shorts to school--I changed :)


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