Completely Wrapped Up in You

I'm such a terrible weekend blogger.  It's like Friday rolls around and I can't bring myself to do anything productive, even something I enjoy, like blogging.  So once again, I find myself talking about Friday's outfit on Sunday.  I would say that I'll get better, but I'm not sure that I will.  I was just so exhausted by the time Friday afternoon arrived all I wanted to do is sit.  Which I did.  And eat ice cream.  Which I did.  And drink some wine.  Which I did.  Oh yeah, and also kick Aaron's ass in some trivial pursuit.  Heck yeah I did.  He won't appreciate that.  But hey, the truth hurts.

I was going for a laid-back casual Friday yet still professional enough look here.  As a sub, I hesitate to dress too casually, even on Fridays.  I'm constantly going to different schools, and I never know when I will run into principals and other administrative staff.  While I know looking the part won't necessarily get me the job, I figure it certainly can't hurt.  

T-shirt: Old Navy; skirt: Mossimo, Target (super old!); scarf: World Market; belt: Target; sandals: Gap
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