As the Days Keep Turning into Night

Sorry for the face.  I've been feeling crabby today.  I knew I couldn't look directly at the camera; I want to gain readers not scare them away.  Despite its proximity to the weekend, today felt like a Monday.  So, as not to sound like Whiney McBitcherson, I'll keep this post short.  I don't even have anything to whine about.  Not really anyway--of course, one can always find things to whine about--but today was a perfectly normal day.  

Since yesterday was color combo I like part one, I suppose that makes this part two.  For several years now, I've been hooked on the combination of coral and turquoise.  It's unconscious really; whenever I choose a piece in one of those colors, I grab a piece in the other without even thinking.  Somewhere along the line, my brain connected the two and they haven't parted since.  

Blouse: Gap; skirt: Gap outlet; earrings: Old Navy; ribbon belt: Walmart fabric department; sandals: Gap

By the way, no, I wasn't auditioning for a Gap ad today.  I have three things to say about the overwhelming presence of that store in my wardrobe.  One, when I lived in Manhattan, (KS remember) that was one of the only places to shop.  Two, I got suckered into getting their credit card, and it's easier to talk yourself into buying stuff when you have coupons and points. (I've since cut it up so don't go all Dave Ramsey on me.) And three, I like it.  So sue me.  
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  1. This is totally cute! I like the addition of the teal bow around your waist...really makes the outfit a standout. Your haircut is really pretty too!


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