And I Just Can't Wait

I'm in a rut.  I feel like I've been wearing the same stuff week after week after week (denim pencil skirt again anyone?).  It's Spring, and although I've seen countless things I want to buy, for the most part, I've held myself back from buying them.  With the exception of one pair of army green pants, which I don't actually have right now since I left them in my friend's car after I bought them.  Smart move Shea.  So anyway, I want to shop very very badly, but I'm trying to fight it.  I keep telling myself: "You can shop after your birthday."  and "You can shop after we move." and "You can shop when you get a summer job."  But there's a whiney, annoying voice in the back of my head that says (okay, yells) "But I want to shop NOW!".  If I don't satisfy that voice real soon, you will soon be reading the headline Grown Woman Throws Temper Tantrum in Local Mall in your local papers.  But, for today, that voice was silenced, and I put on a dress as a shirt and the same old same old denim pencil skirt and brown belt.  Sigh.

Dress (as shirt): Tramp, Marshall's; skirt: Converse One Star, Target; earrings: Target; belt: Target; shoes: Steve Madden, Marshall's
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  1. that is an awesome denim pencil skirt! i'd wear it all the time too :) thanks for the comment and i'm so glad i found you!

  2. gorgeous blouse! paired nicely with the simple skirt.

    ps. please take a sec to check out my blog:


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