You Give Us Those Nice Bright Colors

Well, I don't have a Nikon camera, à la Paul Simon, but I do have a brand new Canon Powershot camera!  Woohoo!  I love it--it's amazing how clear the pictures turn out.  Today was perfect for shooting outside too, very warm and Springy.  

I got this skirt when I was in college in Manhattan (Kansas not New York), at a little store there called Zotchi's.  I was reminiscing about my college days recently, and I was thinking about places I missed.  Several restaurants came up (of course, my mind never strays far from food), but I had forgotten about Zotchi's.  I'm going to have to plan a return trip...

Cardigan: American Eagle; blouse: Maurice's; skirt: Hot Sauce, Zotchi's; flower pin: removed from skirt and re-pinned; belt: Target; OTK socks: Target; shoes: Steve Madden
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