She's Been Living in her White Bread World

I was feeling a bit "uptown girl" today with my scarf and my tailored blazer.  Unfortunately, my hair refused to play the part.  In reality, there really wasn't much inspiration behind this look.  I'm getting over cold #377 of the Winter, so I just put on jeans and a t-shirt, then threw on some accessories so I could pretend that I thought this through.  

I did do some shopping today (Target, F21, and Charlotte Russe) AND I got the sweater I ordered from in the mail.  So if that's not enough to make a girl feel better, I don't know what is!  Now I just need some chocolate and I'll be set for the night.  

Blazer: Merona, Target; t-shirt: Gap; jeans: Old Navy; scarf: Target; shoes: Steve Madden, Marshall's
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  1. Oh, great jeans. They make me happy. LOVE the black shoes with them!


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