Rainy Day Woman

I know, I'm very red.  I'm still blaming it on the camera (but soon, I will not be able to do that!).  This was one of those outfits that came about after trying a million different combinations--nothing dazzling but I like it nonetheless.  I knew I wanted the tights and the shoes (perfect for cool, dreary weather yet with a touch of Spring), but wasn't sure what to pair with them.  Originally, I topped the LBD with an army green cardigan, buttoned up, but at the last minute this morning I put on this cheery ruffled red one.  Despite the all black canvas, I felt like the bright color pops served to remind me that Spring really is here.  

Cardigan: XT, shopmamie.com; dress: Banana Republic Outlet; hoop earrings: Target; necklace: Forever 21; tights: Gap; shoes: Merona, Target
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  1. Ooo, love the red with the shoes! You look gorgeous! I would never think to do a red yellow combo like that! You've really pulled it off!


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