Not a Night Goes By I Don't Dream of Wandering

I apologize in advance for this post being short--I am wiped out!  Aaron and I spent the day house shopping with our Realtor.  It sounds so official now that we have a Realtor.  I suppose it is.  We had some good luck today, but are still trying to figure out budget-wise what we're ready to jump into.  I mean, what would I do if I had a house but couldn't afford to fill the closets?  

T-shirt: Old Navy; vest: Old Navy; pants: Gap; earrings: The Limited; necklace: H&M; shoes: Se Boutique, DSW
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  1. Very wise of you! Where are you looking? Very cute outfit, love the shoes and striped shirt.

  2. LOL. A house that one cannot fill the closets of is no home that's for certain! Full closets just say "home" to me. We just got a place and are in the middle of renos. It's really exciting!

    Love the purples shoes with this outfit! You look very pretty posing like this! I seem to favor the "look down" myself. Does wonders for the eyelashes!



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