The Loneliest Number

Well folks, it's a floral-free Friday.  I think I exhausted almost all of my botanical options earlier in the week.  Today, I was inspired once again by the lovely ladies over at academichic, who have been playing around with cardigans for the last few days.  One such intellectual fashionista showed off the art of layering two cardigans.  And, since I love cardigans just about as much as I love scarves, I immediately scooped up this idea and started experimenting with my own cardi collection.  I quite like the result.  Two cardigans, who knew? 

Short-sleeve cardigan: Banana Republic; long-sleeve cardigan: Mossimo, Target; lace camisole: Gap; khakis: Gap Outlet; belt: Gap (wow, I'm seeing a pattern here); wingtip maryjanes: Isaac Mizrahi for Target
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  1. I love how you've layered the cardigans! This is a great look! And the pants rolled up with the shoes? Fantastic!!


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